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Premium Olive Leaf Tea

Your search for a flavorful, all-natural beverage with health-boosting benefits ends here! Our premium olive leaf tea is sourced directly from ancient groves of Greece and shipped locally in the U.S. Experience for yourself the amazing anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing qualities of the Mediterranean's best-kept secret!

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Why Olive Leaf Tea?

Boosts Immunity

Lowers LDL & Blood Sugar

Eases Arthritic Pain

Promotes Weight Loss

Improves Mood & Energy

Reduces Inflammation

Our Premium Olive Leaf Tea is 100% Organic Sourced from Greece

Sourced from a small olive grove in Kalamata, Greece. It has a naturally sweet flavor profile so no sugar is required to enjoy it.

Our Story

Customer Reviews

I couldn't be more happy with this tea! This tea has keep me well for over 3 years now. If you don't know much about the benefits of olive leaf tea look up olive leaf extract and you to will want it!
- Susan Garcia

Customer Reviews

You want go wrong with this tea. I drink it for many reasons helps keep me well. I haven't gotten sick in over 2 years. It helps with my fibromyalgia pain greatly. The best thing ever. I absolutely recommend Spans Olive Leaf Tea.
- Kayla Hill

Customer Reviews

Perfect tea for getting olive leaf in your body at the cellular level, through the gut. Great light taste, and you have a cure all for gut aches, constipation, and any throat ailment.
- Nathan Jeffery

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